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Scientists find a new cure to treat cancer

stem cells

In a breakthrough, scientists claim to have developed a revolutionary treatment using placenta stem cells to cure patients with immune system failure, including those with blood cancer. The finding could save thousands of victims of cancers such as leukaemia, myeloma,

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Arnold Schwarzenegger proclaims “Stem Cell Awareness Day”

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor of the State of California, proclaims “Stem Cell Awareness Day.” Follow the  link  to the seal and more info.                 Angie Cleone with Arnie -stem cell awareness For A CURE  

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Education in the Spotlight

National Education Directory Australia Newsletter Cancer Stem Cell Education Sector program is launched to help find the ultimate cure. Follow the link for more info

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Award Presentation

WINNING CONTESTANT Julie Renton from the Australian Football Federation was recently declared the winner of the Executive Assistant Network’s national survey report and was therecipient of a personalized design consultation by Aida Guirguis leading Sydney jewellerydesigner and associate of Event Buddies Group.

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ForACURE Foundation LIVE on Talkback Radio. Luke Bona talks to Chris Merkouris and Prof Peter Gunning on stem cell research – follow the audio link to find out more. We’re raising as much awareness as possible about the research taking the world

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