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Run Melbourne 27 July 2014 | Paul Cooper For A Cure

Paul Cooper is running For A Cure at Federation Square on the 27 July 2014. Paul is raising funds for stem cell research in memory of Ken Hore. To support Paul’s run and fundraiser with your donation, Visit the event

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Event Series For A Cure 2014

During 2014 we will be having a lot of Fun with events attended by celebrities, executives and leaders who are keen to support the improvement of health across our planet. There are many ways to get involved from attendance to

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Join the Stem Cell Revolution

Donate $2 or more and become part of the stem cell revolution. DONATE NOW     

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Stroke patient on stem cell trial

A disabled stroke patient who appears to have shown small signs of recovery following an injection of stem cells into his brain has spoken exclusively to the BBC. [read more]

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Barbara Streisand is a stem cell advocate

Barbara was recently interviewed regarding her advocacy for heart research: Heart research done on women also helps men as well,” Streisand said in her recent speech. “Take stem cell research, for example. Recently, Dr. Merz and I were talking about

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