Scientific Board and Advisory Team


Andrew Glen
Andrew Glen Commercial Director
Global Strategic Communications

As Commercial Director of Virgin Health Bank Andrew has been part of the leadership team which redefined the role independent cord blood banks can play in the healthcare economy. He has been hugely  successful in developing communications plans and educational programmes in developed and developing markets and in building collaborative relationships between Virgin Health Bank and the clinical and scientific communities. Andrew has a particular passion for helping families to make truly informed choices about stem cells and for providing communities with education in a culturally appropriate and ethical manner.

He was personally responsible for launching the first on-line Arabic language resource for parents considering banking their babies cord blood stem cells. He also established ground breaking collaborations with public and private sector hospitals in the UK and Middle East which ensured high quality cord blood banking services could be integrated into the maternity care pathway.


John Eden
Associate Professor University of New South Wales

John graduated from the University of NSW in 1979 and became a fellow of the RANZCOG in 1988. He was amongst the first group of specialists to be accredited as a reproductive endocrinologist.John Eden is Associate Professor of Reproductive Endocrinology at The University of New South Wales in Sydney.

He is Director of the Sydney Menopause Centre, the Natural Therapies Unit and the Barbara Gross Research Unit, all located at the Royal Hospital for Women in Sydney. He is a certificated Reproductive Endocrinologist and has research interests in the areas of managing menopause after breast cancer, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), osteoporosis, biofilms, hormone replacement therapy as well as herbal medicine.