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Sunbury Primary School in Victoria raises $432 out of uniform day for stem cell research!!! A *BIG* Thank You to all the students! Click on the logo to visit the school’s website.

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For A CURE gives PhD scholarships and grants to researchers that work on stem cell projects specifically to expedite research breakthroughs.

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James Merkouris aka STIX James has been working on titles for his band District.
As always, James continues his ongoing dedication and hard work with For A Cure Foundation.

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Angie Cleone has joined forces with her medical team and established the For A Cure Foundation public trust to give Australians a direct link to stem cell research projects and the opportunity for the community to support and help fund stem cell scientists.

Our mission is to accelerate stem cell research and expedite breakthroughs to cure the major diseases of our time. This research promises to find cures and therapies for cancer, heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, parkinson’s, spinal cord injury and other major diseases.

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Run Melbourne 27 July 2014 | Paul Cooper For A Cure

Run Melb Paul Cooper in Memory of Ken HorePaul Cooper is running For A Cure at Federation Square on the 27 July 2014.

Paul is raising funds for stem cell research in memory of Ken Hore.

To support Paul’s run and fundraiser with your donation,

Visit the event page by CLICKING HERE

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The target is $10,000


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Event Series 2014

Event Series For A Cure

2014 Fundraising Line Up

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World Stem Cell Summit 2013, San Diego | Angie Cleone Speaker

WSCS_2013_Angie Cleone_speaker

World stem cell summit 2013, San Diego | Angie Cleone Speaker




Angie Cleone speaker at the World Stem Cell Summit 2013, San Diego in December.

I am THRILLED to be representing Australia on the World Stage for the stem cell advocacy movement.
-Angie Cleone

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