Honorary Members and Associates


The Honorary solicitor for the foundation is Terry McCabe

Terry is a highly respected business lawyer who offers many years experience in providing strategic, commercial and timely legal advice to clients operating in a range of industries. Terry brings a wealth of experience to the For A Cure Foundation.



Gregory A Bonfiglio JD – Proteus Venture Partners, USA

Greg Bonfiglio is the Founder and Managing Partner of Proteus, LLC – an investment and advisory firm focused solely on regenerative medicine. Proteus provides fund management, consulting, and investment banking services to the regenerative medicine industry.

Greg was an early investor in the field of stems cell & regenerative medicine, and he continues to be actively involved in the field. He is a frequent speaker at Regenerative Medicine Conferences. Greg is a Member of the ISSCR and is on their Advisory Board, as well as their Finance Committee. He also is a Member of the ISCT and is on their Commercialization Committee. Greg is on the Boards of VistaGen Therapeutics; StemCyte, Inc.; and California Stem Cell, Inc. Greg chairs the Board of the CCRM – Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine.

Greg received his B.A. in Mathematics from Michigan State University in 1975, and his JD from the University of Michigan Law School in 1981.


Shalom Paul
Shalom Paul – Tourism

Shalom Paul serves on the Board for For A Cure Foundation and has been actively engaged with the Event Buddies Group since 2007.

With over 25 years of experience working with leading iconic brands including American Express, Myer Australia, Gold Coast Convention Bureau, Hilton International, Four Seas International and Scenic Tours Shalom brings a wealth of experience and creativity to For A Cure Foundation.

Shalom has been coaching and mentoring for over 15 years and developed a personal interest in work-life balance and natural approaches to lifestyle management and well-being. As a prominent Business Coach, Trainer and Lifeskills Counsellor, Shalom’s purpose is to assist as many people as possible to uncover their individual champion abilities and build harmonious, fulfilling and successful lives.

As part of his contribution to world wellness and peace, he has worked more recently alongside Angie Cleone in establishing the Stem Cell Tourism Board, and fostering strategic relationships.

Notable is Shalom’s passion for the not-for-profit sector where he has also worked closely over the years with UNICEF, The House With No Steps, Telefriend, AMES, and Haemophilia Foundation.

Passionate about human motivation, Shalom is most fulfilled when he has the privilege to inspire others’ to realising their true potential.