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Barbara Streisand is a stem cell advocate

Barbara was recently interviewed regarding her advocacy for heart research: Heart research done on women also helps men as well,” Streisand said in her recent speech. “Take stem cell research, for example. Recently, Dr. Merz and I were talking about

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Stem cell therapy to repair damaged cartilage

Rush University Medical Center is conducting the nation’s first clinical study of an innovative stem cell drug, Cartistem, to repair knee cartilage damaged by aging, trauma or degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis. [read more]

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Man’s sight restored with use of stem cells

Doctors diagnosed a man with a rare eye disease called corneal limbal stem cell deficiency, which was causing the normal cells on Binns’ corneas to be replaced with scar tissue, leading to painful eye ulcers that clouded over his corneas.

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Type 1 Diabetes Stem Cell Breakthrough Moves Toward Cure

In a breakthrough that signifies a move toward a cure for type 1 diabetes, researchers in Australia have identified stem cells in the pancreas that can be turned into insulin-producing cells. The finding promises to bring closer the day when

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Tailor-Made Organs from Stem Cells

Scientists have successfully grown a wind pipe using the body’s own stem cells over a plastic scaffold. This story is front page news on the New York Times. [read more]

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