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Siren Awards 2013

JayGrey wins siren award. JayGrey ForACURE.

Siren Awards 2013, Round 1 Overall Winners – ForACURE Foundation: Daniel

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A Stem Cell Success Story

Michele Bachmann

Michele Bachmann has overcome a very aggressive form of cancer, thanks in large part to a stem cell transplant. She initially was given 18 months to live, or until she’d need another transplant. She’s had neither and is still in remission six years later. In the past, the average survival for her type of cancer has been two to three years.

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World Stem Cell Congress 2011 London

Angie Cleone Chairman of the foundation attended the World Stem Cells & Regenerative Congress 2011 in London.

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Stem Cell Treatment for Burn Victims

Dr Jorg Gerlach Stem Cell Spray Gun
See how adult stem cells taken from a burn victim can be used to treat the victim himself/herself. The treatment method and the medical equipment used was developed by Dr. Jorg Gerlach of the University of Pittsburgh’s McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine.

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