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Art Auction & Champagne Lunch with Alan Trounson


Stem Cells Under The Microscope


~ Raising Funds for Stem Cell Research ~


Acrylic Painting on Canvas

Dimensions 45 x 30 Inches
stem cells for a cure art painting

Carole Emmett aka Caz – The Artist

Artist Carole Emmett known by her friends as Caz was born in London and spent most of her life in the Channel Islands running a business, painting and bringing up her three children.

She took up residence in Sydney 10 years ago after deciding to be near her three children who immigrated over 20 years previously. Carole has always been creative and painted ever since she was at school and the burning desire to produce artwork that she could express her spiritual nature has been at the forefront of that drive. read more

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Rugby World Cup 2011 Cruise For A CURE

5-Star Luxury Cruise to Rugby World Cup 2011 Finals.

Click on the image for more information.

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Award Presentation

WINNING CONTESTANT Julie Renton from the Australian Football Federation was recently declared the winner of the Executive Assistant Network’s national survey report and was therecipient of a personalized design consultation by Aida Guirguis leading Sydney jewellerydesigner and associate of Event Buddies Group.

The associates and partners of Event Buddies Group and For A CURE Foundation support the important work of scientists in the field of stem cell research in discovering preventative treatments and cures for cancers of all kind and other major diseases. read more

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An Exclusive Night of Luxury with Camilla

Gala Dinner @ Wildfire Friday 8 May 2009

Please view the link for event images and footage of the event.

Event Buddies Group and Camilla’s latest collections in support of Stem Cell Research, For A CURE Foundation.

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Stem Cell Partnership to fight cancer between California & Canada

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Formation of a new Cancer Stem Cell Consortium was announced by Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty. Governor Schwarzenegger & McGuinty toured the Ontario Institute of Cancer Research and announced new collaborations between the state and province to further stem cell research.

Follow the link to find out more

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