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Doctors use stem cell therapy to treat lung disease

Doctors at the Lung Institute in Tampa are using a lung patient’s own stem cells to help treat COPD, emphysema and pulmonary fibrosis by repairing damaged tissue.

The innovative stem cell therapy won’t be rejected because the doctors use the patients’ own cells in an FDA-approved process with growth factors. In some cases, patients are able to get rid of their oxygen tanks altogether.

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‘Big leap’ towards curing blindness in stem cell study

The prospect of reversing blindness has made a significant leap, according to scientists in the UK.

An animal study in the journal Nature Biotechnology showed the part of the eye which actually detects light can be repaired using stem cells.

The team at Moorfields Eye Hospital and University College London say human trials are now, for the first time, a realistic prospect.

Experts described it as a “significant breakthrough” and “huge leap” forward.

Photoreceptors are the cells in the retina which react to light and convert it into an electrical signal which can be sent to the brain. read more

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Stem Cell Researchers Grow Key Sensory Cells of Inner Ear

A research team reported that by using a three-dimensional cell culture method, they were able to coax stem cells to develop into inner-ear sensory epithelia — containing hair cells, supporting cells and neurons — that detect sound, head movements and gravity.

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Japanese scientists create liver from stem cells

Scientists at the Yokohama City University in Japan have grown functioning human livers from stem cells. They hope this breakthrough will help alleviate the global shortage of donor organs.

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